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christmas came early...

to 860 tibbetts town road this for christmas this year embert, kyle, loni, josh, alexis, and i all went in on a new computer and desk for my's sweet ass(i'm usin it right now as a matter of fact)...when i took the old desk apart it basically fell apart...that thing just needed to go...of course me breakin it a few years ago didn't help...oops...i can't wait to see my mom's face tomorrow...she is goin to kill us...but i know she'll love it...she'll say "now why did you guys do this"...we did it cuz we wanted to to that's why....i'm so excited i get to voice chat over yahoo messanger with my uncle tomorrow...he's pretty excited about it too...i talked to him for like 5 minutes today so that was good...i suppose i should finish my to do list for the evenin:
1. finish putting the den back together
2. finish decorating the christmas tree
3. finish painting the scenery for sunday school
4. finish my homework
5. AND get some sleep
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