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back in town....

i picked linds and ryan up from the airport was sooooo good to see them...we came right home after that cuz we were surprising her dad...he had no clue she was coming home...linds knocked on the one wanted to come to the door so she just opened it...her dad got up and said "what the f*ck is going on?" was great...he was totally surprised...we were so glad that we had pulled it off....we spent some time with them then went to ab's for dinner and then came to my mom's for her to open her presents from linds...then we went to delias for some beer and went to find matt...we hung out with him and mark for a little bit then i dropped linds and ryan off at her dads and then came was a long day but it was well worth it.

my mom got her new chrysler pacifica's sweet ass...i wanna go test it out...maybe i'll just do that's what it looks like:
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