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all i can say is WOW

i am NEVER drinking again!! i am soooooooo hungover right now. linds, ryan, her parents, aunt, and i all drank at linds'. i drank 5 1/2 smirnoff twisted 5 green apple and i don't know how many shots of red headed sluts (jager, peach snopps and cranberry juice), the last shot of the night was a shot of pure peach snopps. i was history. they video taped a little bit of the evening. we started playing phase 10 at 7:30ish we still weren't done when the ball dropped at midnight...we probably finished around 12:30. then linds, ryan and i played bullshit after everyone else went to bed. it was a fun night...i got some pictures...those'll come at a later time.

i guess i better get in the shower...linds and ryan are coming back to pick me up so we can head over to watch the football game with matt and mark.
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