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back from the dead....

so lj isn't being really queer and is actually going to let me log on and post...yay for me:)

so let's see what's been going on since uncle and his unit came home from duty in iraq....i graduated from college(finally) all though i still have 2 years left...i transfered from the bangor hannaford to the machias one the end of june...i went to a sox game with kate, mom, and embert...and i go within 5FEET of YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!...that made my night:) cousin sarah got married to mark, and i cried like a baby....went to montgomery gentry last weekend with andrea, her aunt and cousin...all i can say is T-ROY!!!! man is he BEAUTIFUL...this weekend andrea, mandy and i are headed to BOSTON to go see our FAVORITE team kick some oakland athletics ass...and andrea's going to go steal varitek from his wife:)...i can't wait til sunday....I'M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!

an excited country girl
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